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Shivas Place on Patnem Beach

During our time in India, we decided to spend five days indulging in the Goan lifestyle, by relaxing on Patnem Beach in Southern Goa. With a population of over a billion people in India, we expected Patnem Beach to be hectic and packed with people. Yet, to our surprise it was peacefully relaxing and a perfect place to slowly immerse ourselves in the Indian culture and cuisine. It was during this time that we discovered a lovely little restaurant on the beach called Shivas Place.

Where to eat on Patnem Beach? | Where to stay in South Goa?
A nearly deserted Patnem Beach. I wasn’t expecting that in India.

Our accommodation for this part of our journey was at the Fun-Tastic Beach Huts. Although the bed in the hut was comfortable, the remainder of the hut was a little worse for wear. Basically, you are roughing it for five days. No real shower, no hot water, no toilet paper and a toilet that doesn’t flush properly, without pouring water from a bucket into the bowl. Yet, it is not the worst place we’ve stayed in.

Where to eat on Patnem Beach | Where to stay in South Goa
Roughing it at the Fun-Tastic Beach Huts.

The Fun-Tastic Beach Huts don’t offer breakfast or any food options, so you must discover the various restaurants, cafes and bars along the short stretch of beach. With cows, dogs and few tourists wandering along the beach it’s not hard to relax. Additionally, you are not pestered by people trying to sell their knick knacks, souvenirs and services. Once you say no they move on, no questions asked and no harassment or begging.

Where to eat on Patnem Beach
Cows happily play on the beach in between tourists.

It wasn’t too hard to select Shivas Place as our preferred option for our meals. The food is good, the prices are cheap, and we suffered no ill effects from consuming their delicious food.

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Honestly, there is nothing fancy about Shivas Place. It is a beach hut restaurant. It’s not elegantly decorated, with stylish furniture. It is basically a place to relax with old wooden tables, with bamboo chairs.

Where to eat on Patnem Beach | Where to stay in South Goa | Shivas Place
Shivas Place by candlelight.

Shivas Place is run by a young family and a group of dedicated employees who spend their days talking to their customers and allowing guests to use their day beds free of charge. We spent many days relaxing in the sun, drinking cocktails and watching the sun go down.

Where to eat on Patnem Beach | Where to stay in Goa
The sunset over Patnem Beach

In the evening like many other restaurants along the beach Shivas Place sets up a fresh fish stand, where you can select your fish to be cooked the way you like it. Our first meal was a tandoori spiced Sea Bass, which was wonderful. This was great value at INR600 (AUD$12.00). The evening meal offers an extended happy hour with two for one cocktails, which turns out to be a good night.

Where to eat on Patnem Beach | Where to stay in South Goa | Shivas Place
Some of the fresh fish available during the evening. Prices depend on what you want and how much you want.

For our first morning we tried their breakfast menu which comes with fresh fruit juice and a cup of coffee or tea. I selected the traditional English breakfast with poached eggs, which went down a treat.

Where to eat on Patnem Beach
Morning juices whilst waiting for our Traditional English Breakfast

Over the next few days we swam, walked up and down the beach, sun bathed and ate to our hearts content. We had the privilege of trying many of Shivas’ Indian menu options, which included Chicken Tikka Masala, Dal Makhani and Rogan Josh to name a few. All were delicious, but I couldn’t go past the flavour of the Chicken Tikka Masala. Absolutely superb!

Where to eat of Patnem Beach | Where to stay in South Goa
Try Shivas’ Chicken Tikka Masala or Dal Makhani

On our final night we decided to splurge a little and paid INR600(AUD$30) for a seafood platter for two. The platter consisted of a whole Sea Bass, Calamari and Various Prawns served with salad and hot chips. The platter had a touch of Tandoori flavouring which was fantastic and well worth the money. Shivas Place can make up a platter just for you depending on how much you’d like to spend.

Where to eat on Patnem Beach | Where to stay in South Goa | Shivas Place
On our last night we splurged on this Seafood Platter for two and it was fantastic.

Patnem Beach was a pleasant surprise. Quieter than most Indian tourist beaches, it was a good relaxing stay. Shivas Place made us feel welcome and at home over the five days we stayed there. The food was excellent and with an extended two for one cocktail happy hour we had some good evenings. So, if you are heading to Patnem Beach in Southern Goa, than stop in at Shivas Place for a good meal and tell them, Simon from Ourworldinreview sent you!

Where to Eat on Patnem Beach?
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Additional Information for Shivas Place

Address: Patnem Beach, South Goa
Ph: N/A

Trading Hours
Open Sunrise – 2200/2300hrs

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Shivas Place rating: 1-10 (1=very poor, 10 = excellent)

Decor =6
Atmosphere =8
Service =9
Price = 9
Food =10

Overall = 8.4

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Our Quick Bite: Hashem Restaurant, Jordan

After a long day touring Jordan, we finally get back to Amman and it’s starting to get late. Our base for our stay in Amman is the Amman Pasha Hotel. All the information provided by the hotel is to ensure that if you do go out to eat, make sure that is listed on other review sites, and has a good rating. Why, you may ask? Our hotel tells us that it is common for travellers to get a tummy bug! Which I can tell you from experience, isn’t nice! One restaurant that they do recommend is Hashem Restaurant. This is reinforced a couple of times during our stay from other Amman locals, and not just the hotel.

Where to eat in Amman
The impressive Roman Amphitheatre in Amman, Jordan.

If you didn’t know any better, from the outside Hashem Restaurant isn’t the most attractive or inviting place to eat. But it is packed with locals and a scattering of apprehensive tourists. We ask the waiter for a table for two and are guided to the closest available table.

Where to eat in Amman
Hashem Restaurant is always busy, customers are in and out like clockwork.

Our waiter approaches and is ready to take our order, we ask for a menu. The menu is simple, there’s no menu. They offer falafel, hummus, baba ganoush, fresh bread and a salad. You dictate how much you want and what you want. We decided to try it all. Other staff occasionally walk by offering sage tea to customers. But we decline as we’ve just had some at the Amman Pasha Hotel.

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It isn’t long before the food is brought out to the table. Visually, the food is nothing special, a swirling of hummus and baba ghanoush in shallow bowls, warm fresh bread for dipping and small brown balls of falafel. When I break open the falafel and I’m greeted by a glorious green colour and once I taste it i know it is probably some of the best falafel I’ve ever had. The hummus has a smooth creamy texture and is sensational, and the baba ghanoush is superb. I immediately think, I’m definitely ordering more, but decide to wait until we’re finished before ordering again.

Where to eat in Amman
The lovely spread of food offered by Hashem Restaurant and it was absolutely superb!

In the end we didn’t end up ordering anymore, because it is quite filling. We go to pay and are astonished the price of all the food with two bottles of water comes to 4.50JOD (which is about AUD$8). For such a sensational meal you can’t go past this remarkable price.

So, when in Amman do yourself a favour and make a visit to Hashem Restaurant. Getting there was easy we just walked from our hotel using Google Maps, but I’m sure nearly everyone is Amman knows of Hashem Restaurant. Everyone we met did! Have a great meal and tell them Simon from Ourworldinreview sent you!

Where to Eat in Amman, Jordan?
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Additional Information for Hashem Restaurant

Address: King Faisal Street, Amman, Jordan
Ph: +962 6 463 6440

Trading Hours
Open 24 hours 

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Hashem Restaurant rating: 1-10 (1=very poor, 10 = excellent)

Decor =5
Atmosphere =10
Service =8
Price = 10
Food =10

Overall = 8.5

Skaptoburger the best burgers in Sofia

Who doesn’t love a good burger? Be it a veggie burger or a traditional burger, there is something about them that we can’t resist. We found out about Skaptoburger by pure chance. During our stay in beautiful Sofia, we decided to discover the city and its cuisine by going on a food tour.

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Tour company Balkan Bites, offers visitors to Sofia a free food tour. That’s right, a free food tour! This was a fantastic way to see Sofia. Whilst, showing you the history of the city they also take you to five restaurants to sample what they have on offer. It was during our tour that we were introduced to Skaptoburger.

Where do you find a good burger in Sofia?
Martina, our Balkan Bites free food tour guide, who introduced us to Skaptoburger.

Not too far out of the city centre, Skaptoburger is a burger restaurant located at 20 Tsar Shishman Str, Sofia, Bulgaria. Now, be careful as you walk by, as it is a small shop containing about six tables and seats around 30 people and can be easily missed. It can become quite busy, so takeaway might be the best option if you can’t get a table.

Skaptoburger has a small storefront, so be carefully walking by.

So, what makes Skaptoburger so popular? The fact that it has won Sofia’s “King of Burger” Award for two consecutive years is a good indication that their burgers are well received. Plus, the ability to have a good craft beer to wash it all down, makes it a perfect place for me to eat.

Who won the King of Burgers award in 2016?
Chessus the King of Burgers for 2016

On this occasion, we were able to get a table and perused their menu for the burger of our choice. They have eight burgers available from their award winners to their veggie burgers. We decide to order the Skaptoburger burger and the 2016 award-winning Chessus.

Some of the limited tables inside Skaptoburger

The Skaptoburger burger consists of ground beef, crispy bacon, cheddar cheese, jalapeno, red onion, iceberg lettuce, tomato and their special hot burger sauce. A delicious burger with a hot tangy aftertaste. A perfect example of a classic burger.

The Skaptoburger with jalapeno peppers and hot burger sauce.

The play on words named Cheesus, contains ground beef, double cheddar cheese, bacon, pickles, tomato and iceberg lettuce, topped with mustard and tomato sauce (ketchup). I can see why this burger was named the King of Burgers, a little messy to eat, but a wonderful mix of flavours. Simply a gem of a burger and a must try!

Who won the best burger award in Sofia?
Skaptoburger the best burgers in town

Skaptoburger makes great burgers. I would rate it right up there with Fergburger in Queenstown . Thinking about it, it might be the best burger I’ve had! I know big call right! But based on value for money and the exquisite taste it would be close. My recommendation is when you are in Sofia, head to Skaptoburger and try one of their award-winning burgers and tell them, Simon from Ourworldinreview sent you!

Skaptoburger the home of the best burgers in Bulgaria
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Additional Information for Skaptoburger

ul. “Tsar Shishman” 20, 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia, Bulgaria
Ph: +359 87 788 8688
Website: www.skaptoburger.com

Burgers Prices Range: 7.90BGN – 11.90BGN (AUD$6.00 – AUD$9.00)

Trading Hours
Sunday 11:45am–10:45pm
Monday 11:45am–10:45pm
Tuesday 11:45am–10:45pm
Wednesday 11:45am–10:45pm
Thursday 11:45am–10:45pm
Friday 11:45am–12am
Saturday 11:45am–12am

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Skaptoburger rating: 1-10 (1=very poor, 10 = excellent)

Decor =9
Atmosphere =10
Service =10
Price = 10
Food =10

Overall = 10

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The Prominent Restaurant – Holiday Inn Brno

The city of Brno in the Czech Republic is full of surprises. A vibrant city centre with interesting stories, and a quirky sense of humour. A city we would have missed if it wasn’t for someone suggesting a visit. Since, we have an open itinerary, we decided, why not, we’re going to Prague anyway, why not do a four-day stopover in Brno. It was probably one of the best decisions we made so far during this adventure.

The Prominent Restaurant, Brno
The city centre of Brno with its Austria-Hungarian architecture

As you may have read in our last post, we stayed at the Holiday Inn Brno and had a glorious time, indulging in the comforts of this popular hotel.

Holiday Inn Brno
The front entry into the Holiday Inn Brno

After a long day of exploring, and taking photos of the city and its cheeky history, we thought we’d try the hotel’s restaurant. Now, as you can imagine we have eaten in a few places over our travelling adventures. We have been lucky enough to eat in places like Mikla in Istanbul and the immensely popular Gazi in Melbourne. Now, I can say I have eaten in the Prominent Restaurant in Brno.
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The Prominent Restaurant’s Head Chef, Josef Dufek has created an excellent menu for the guests of the Holiday Inn Brno to try. From traditional Czech food to some of his own creations. His team of chef’s and waiting staff work extremely hard to ensure that your experience in the restaurant is first class.

Head Chef of the Prominent Restaurant, Josef Dufek
Prominent Restaurant Head Chef, Josef Dufek. (Photo: Courtesy of Holiday Inn Brno)

Located on the ground floor of the hotel, the Prominent restaurant offers quality dining with an inviting indoor dining area, with comfortable seating or an outdoor dining experience enjoying the setting of the sun.

The Prominent Restaurant
The interior of the Prominent Restaurant
Outdoor dining area at the Holiday Inn Brno
One of the outdoor tables of the Prominent Restaurant at the Holiday Inn Brno

After some consideration of all the options available we decide to order the Beef Sauté Stroganoff and the traditional roasted wild boar saddle for our main meals. For dessert, we ordered the Crème brûlée with fresh vanilla and a traditional pear-apple strudel. We accompanied the meals with some delicious South Moravian  wines.

A white South Moravian wine
South Moravian wine served at the Prominent Restaurant

The Beef Sauté Stroganoff was served with a spicy sauce on a bed of basmati rice. The beef was tender and its rich spicy sauce encapsulated the essence of the Austro-Hungarian influence. It reminded me of first time I tried Beef Stroganoff when I was a young boy. The excitement of trying sometime new and exotic, and that wholehearted smile you get when you have tasted something good.

The Prominent Restaurant
Beef Stroganoff served with a spicy sauce on a bed of basmati rice.

The roasted wild boar saddle sitting in mushroom sauce with bolete pieces and two bacon-onion dumplings is highlighted as a Czech traditional meal. The beautifully constructed dish is one of the reasons I’d happily stay in the Czech Republic. An immense explosion of flavours, the rich mushroom sauce combined with the soft perfect pork saddle was incredible.  Then you have these bacon-onion dumplings that are perfectly held together. Dip them into the sauce and the succulent sauce oozes into the dumpling to produce what can only be described as pure delight. This dish would have to be one of the best I have encountered in a long while.

Wild boar saddle with mushrrom sauce and bacon-onion dumplings
Roasted wild boar saddle, mushroom sauce with boletes and bacon-onion dumplings

After the last morsel was consumed, our lovely waitress refilled our wine glasses and prepared the table for our desserts. The Crème brûlée with fresh vanilla had a nice thin hard layer of caramel covering the smooth vanilla custard and was topped with various seasonal berries and mint leaves. Another beautiful creation, it was gone within a blink of an eye.

The Prominent Restaurant
The Crème brûlée served with various berries.

Our second dessert was the pear-apple strudel with poppy-seed sauce. It was served with fresh vanilla ice-cream and marinated sour cherries. Another masterpiece, as the brown crispy, flaking pastry encasing the pear and apple pieces. The fresh vanilla ice cream had a nice consistency which you could clearly see the vanilla seeds. The sweetness of the pear, apple and ice cream worked well with the sour tartness of the cherries.

The Prominent Restaurant
Pear-Apple Strudel, served with vanilla ice cream and marinated sour cherries

Overall, the Prominent Restaurant is a must when in Brno. Even if you are not staying at the Holiday Inn Brno, make a reservation at the Prominent Restaurant. I would clearly have this as one of my top ten favourite places to eat. And, the bonus is, it comes at a reasonable price. The quality of the food being served is excellent, the waiting staff are professional and friendly and if you are staying at the hotel, you will find its service is also exceptional. So, book your table today and tell them Simon from Ourworldinreview sent you!

Attached to the Holiday Inn Brno, the Prominent Restaurant creates beautiful food.
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Additional Information for Prominent Restaurant – Holiday Inn Brno

Křížkovského 20, 603 00 Brno-střed, Czechia
Ph: +420 543 122 111
Website: www.hibrno.cz

Book your stay at the Holiday Inn Brno now via their website or with Booking.com

Prices of accommodation per night at the Holiday Inn Brno:

Ranging from  3744 czk (AUD$211)  5472 czk (AUD$309) 

The Brasserie Restaurant caters for breakfast daily

  • from 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. on weekdays
  • from 6:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at weekends and on holidays

Prominent Restaurant opening times:

Main Meal Prices range from  270 czk –  690 czk (AUD$15 – AUD$39)

Opening hours 12:00 – 23:00
Reservations by phone at: +420 543 122 002/4

Prominent Restaurant rating: 1-10 (1=very poor, 10 = excellent)

Decor =9
Atmosphere =9
Service =9
Price = 8
Food =10

Overall = 9

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Dining at La Grande Mamma, Krakow

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The old town in Krakow is always alive with tourists buzzing around taking in the history and sights. Krakow offers visitors many ways to discover this city, from Segway tours to horse and cart rides. Street stalls and boutique stores are happily selling their merchandise to happy shoppers. With the many restaurants offering a wide range of local and international cuisines.

Food vendors are everywhere throughout the city. You can try some traditional Polish cuisine, or visit a food stall in the main square barbecuing massive amounts of meat. There’s fast food franchises, if that takes your fancy, or the many fine dining choices supplying foods from around the world. With so many choices we select the Italian inspired La Grande Mamma.

With so many food options in Krakow. Try La Grande Mamma in the old town's main square
La Grande Mamma’s Al fresco seating, taken from the main square

Located on one of the corners of the main square, La Grande Mamma is an Italian inspired fine dining restaurant that offers decent quality food.  Upon entry into this old building you immediately enter the heart of the restaurant where all the action occurs. Here, there is a central preparation bench with one of the kitchen staff preparing assorted menu items.

La Grande Mamma
The preparation table in the font room of La Grande Mamma

Once greeted by the waiting staff, we are directed into one of the quieter side rooms and seated at a lovely table overlooking the square.

La Grande Mamma
One of the nicely decorated quieter rooms.

The restaurant has a decent range of wines available by the glass or bottle and their food menu is full of modern and traditional Italian cuisine. On this occasion, we selected a basic Margherita pizza, a Calzone farcito and their Filetto di maiale for our main meals. And followed that up with Creme brulee and a Meringa con mascarpone for dessert.

La Grande Mamma
The current menu at La Grande Mamma

The Margherita pizza was just a plain tomato puree on a thin base with cheese. It was approximately 30 cm in circumference, so quite large for one person, but I feel it was missing that fresh basil that garnishes most Margherita pizzas.

La Grande Mamma
La Grande Mamma’s basic Margherita Pizza. Unfortunately it was missing fresh basil.

Our Calzone farcito contained tomato puree, mozzarella cheese, ham, salami and champignon mushrooms, encased in a folded and sealed pizza base. When cracked open the heat and fragrances were wonderful. A well cooked dish, but rather plain-looking with a sprinkling of dry herbs.

La Grande Mamma
La Grande Mamma’s Calzone farcito. Well cooked, but it’s presentation needs some work!

The next plate was the Filetto di maiale, which is pistachio covered pork loin. It is served on a bed of potato puree, zucchini and red wine sauce. Beautifully cooked, the Filetto di maiale would be my pick of the dishes. Superbly balanced flavours but once again the presentation of the dish could be improved.

La Grande Mamma
A Filetto di maiale from La Grande Mamma

After the main meals were completed the efficient and friendly waiting staff cleared our plates and prepared the table for our upcoming desserts. The first dish to arrive was the Creme Brulee. Now, Creme Brulee’s would possibly be MacKenzie’s and my most favourite dessert, as we do tend to compare them against each other. When La Grande Mamma’s Creme Brulee arrived, we were quite excited to see how it stacked up against the ones we’ve had elsewhere.

La Grande Mamma
Does anyone want some Creme Brulee?

Although small in size the presentation of the Creme Brulee was better to that of the main meals. That was due to the contrasting colours used in the dish. The hard caramel cover was well done, but the actual custard base was a little grainy in texture, not that smooth consistence that is required. The flavour was okay, but not a show stopper.

La Grande Mamma
Meringa con mascarpone, we have a winner!

Our next dessert was the Meringa con mascarpone and from when the waitress placed the plate on our table, we knew we had a winner. The meringue, covered with mascarpone cream and fresh fruit was an instantaneous success. Nicely presented and delicious, it was hard not going back for more!

There are many places to eat in Krakow’s old town and the catchy named La Grande Mamma is situated in a part of the square that isn’t overrun by other tourists and street sellers. The interior is decorated well and the Italian cuisine has good flavour, but lacks the presentation. I do believe that we get the best out of a meal when they satisfy all our senses. La Grande Mamma, ticks most of those boxes, but the main meal presentation could use a little flair.

Overall, La Grande Mamma was a comfortable restaurant to attend, with a good honest food. The price is a little inflated, but all the restaurants are the same in the main tourist area of Old Town Krakow. Make sure you tip the waiting staff. Service charges are not included in the prices and it is expected if they’ve provided good service. Ten percent of the final cheque is the going rate, so if you are on a budget make sure you account for this extra expense. If you are in Krakow, visit La Grande Mamma tonight and tell them Simon from Ourworldinreview sent you!

Looking for a place to eat in old town Krakow? Then try La Grande Mamma in the main square for decent Italian food.
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Additional Information for La Grande Mamma

Rynek Główny 26, 33-332 Kraków, Poland
Ph: +48 12 430 64 58
Website: www.lagrandemamma.pl

Breakfast Prices Range 19.00 PLN – 68.00 PLN (AUD$6.60 – $23)

Trading Hours
  • Daily: 12 pm – 11 pm

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La Grande Mamma rating: 1-10 (1=very poor, 10 = excellent)

Decor =8
Atmosphere =8
Service =9
Price = 7
Food =8

Overall = 8

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Plenty of Food at Peter Pane – Berlin

Urban Adventure Tours

On our first day in Berlin, we had already organised the Urban Adventure tour – Storyline of Berlin. And after 5 hours of listening to Sara explain everything we needed to know about the history of Berlin we were feeling hungry. Sara pointed us in the direction to get cheaper food, so we headed off to discover a bit more of Berlin. During our travels, the girls spied a hamburger place called Peter Pane Burgergrill Bar that looked popular. And always being a bit partial to a hamburger we decided to give it a go.

On entry into the large establishment we could see that it was extremely busy, with most of the tables already buzzing with people chatting over their lunches. We were greeted by one of the wait staff and escorted to a comfortable table for four.

Peter Pane
Inside Peter Pane Hamburger restaurant

The interior of the restaurant is quite modern. The walls are a sky blue colour, with timber plant boxes with small plants extending to the woven wooden ceiling. There are birdcage light fixtures and the whole combination gives the restaurant a Neverland feel. Tables at various levels throughout the restaurant add to the setting. Each table has comfortable stool or bench seating.

Peter Pane
A table alongside the planter boxes. Gives it that Neverland forest feel.

As Peter Pane is a hamburger place the menu has a good selection of available burgers. We couldn’t go past the €9.50 lunch special.  The special consisted of a burger served with fries or salad. But that’s not all the deal also came with a cold drink to have with the meal and a hot drink to have after. What awesome value!

We ordered the Klasik, a Kase Speck, a Rotbackhen and the Feenflugel burgers. The Klasik is your normal everyday burger containing a succulent beef patty, lettuce and tomato. My Kase Speck is the Klasik burger with Bernstein Cheese and Bacon. Our Rotbackhen is a vegetarian burger with a grilled tomato and olive cutlet, topped with mozzarella, rocket and sun-dried tomato. Finally, the last burger called the Feenfugel has a piece of grilled chicken, topped with avocado, young spinach and mango-chilli chutney. All four burgers were beautifully prepared and well presented. We consumed them eagerly and washed it down with a local German cola brand called Fritz-Kola, which was quite nice.

Peter Pane
The Kase Speck
Peter Pane
The Klasik
Peter Pane
The Feenflugel
Peter Pane
The Rotbacken
Peter Pane
Fritz-Kola is a local German cola, which tastes pretty good.

Overall, Peter Pane Burgergrill Bar is a good place to stop in relax and have a meal. Their burgers are beautifully made and terrific value incorporated with their €9.50 meal deal. Peter Pane has approximately 17 stores across Germany, so visit their website below for additional locations. The menu prices don’t include a service fee. Therefore, make sure you leave a 10% tip if your dining experience is worthwhile. Try Peter Pane Burgergrill Bar the next time you want a delicious burger and tell them, Simon from Ourworldinreview sent you!

Additional Information for Peter Pane Burgergrill Bar

Friedrichstraße 101, 10117 Berlin
Ph: +49 30 20679063
Website: www.peterpane.de

Burger Prices Range €6.40 – €11.90

Trading Hours
  •    Mon-Sun from 11 am until late

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Peter Pane Burgergrill Bar rating: 1-10 (1=very poor, 10 = excellent)

Decor =10
Atmosphere =9
Service =9
Price =10
Food =9

Overall = 9.5

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Café Living at Le Saint-Germain, Paris

Paris has always been high on my list of places to go. I’ve watched the Tour de France religiously for the last 15 years. After seeing all the sights on television and watching them charge down the Avenue des Champs-Élysées to the finish line, I’ve always thought “I’d like to go there”. Tick that bucket list box because we made it to beautiful Paris.

Le Saint-Germain Cafe
The Arc De Triomphe in the middle of the Avenue des Champs-Élysées

After a morning of exploring some of the main sights of Paris, we were all starting to get hungry. Paris has a café or restaurant just about on every corner, so deciding which one can be difficult. In the end, we made our way to Le Saint-Germain Café.

Le Saint-Germain Cafe
Notre-Dame de Paris, which is not to far from the Le Saint-Germain Cafe.

We are immediately greeted by a very friendly gentleman with a bubbly nature. Ensuring that we were staying for lunch he promptly guides us to a corner table inside next to the bar.

Le Saint-Germain Cafe
The friendly staff member was happy to pose for a photo for us.

The café has indoor and outdoor seating. Be aware that smoking is allowed in the alfresco dining area. The inside of the restaurant has comfortable seating around the bar area and an upstairs area if it gets busy.

Le Saint-Germain Cafe
The upstairs dining area, it looks quite comfortable.

The Le Saint-Germain Café has a menu board outside in different languages, so you shouldn’t have any trouble understanding what they have on offer. Make sure you add a Euro to the prices as they are slightly different from the actual menu.

The menu has a decent range of dishes available. Since it was lunch, we ordered a tomato based vegetarian pasta, a ham and cheese toasted sandwich (Croque-Monsieur), some French onion soup and a small Camembert cheese plate.

Le Saint-Germain Cafe
A large toasted Ham and cheese toasted sandwich or Croque-Monsieur.
Le Saint-Germain Cafe
The French Onion Soup, covered with a layer of bread and melted cheese.

All the meals were simple and well made. The Croque-Monsieur was beautifully made and the French Onion soup was full of flavour with a layer of bread and melted cheese on top. The pasta was simple richly flavoured, whilst the cheese plate was what we expected.

Le Saint-Germain Cafe
Tomato based vegetarian pasta dish
Le Saint-Germain Cafe
Small Camembert Cheese Plate

Overall the Le Saint-Germain is a nice, comfortable French café. The food is of decent quality and the service was also good. The price is a little higher than what we’d expect of a café, but we are in France. So, if you happen to be in France, head to the Le Saint-Germain Café for lunch and tell them Simon from Ourworldinreview sent you.

Additional Information for Le Saint Germain Café

62 Rue du Bac, 75007 Paris, France
Ph: +33 1 45 48 99 69

Main Meal Price Range $$

Trading hours:
Monday 11am–1am
Tuesday 11am–1am
Wednesday 11am–1am
Thursday 11am–1am
Friday 11am–1am
Saturday 11am–1am
Sunday 11am–1am
Le Saint-Germain Café rating: 1-10 (1=very poor, 10 = excellent)

Decor =7
Atmosphere =7
Service =7
Price =7
Food =7

Overall = 7

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Making our way to the Marion Bay Tavern – South Australia

South Australia has a lot of things for visitors or tourists to do. The problem is most of it is a couple of hundred kilometres away. Sure the city of Adelaide has plenty to do around this time of year as the festival season is upon us and the city comes alive. Yet, South Australia offers much, much more. With a few days to spare we pack some gear into the trusty car and just decide to drive and see where the road takes us. We drive out of the city and make our way onto the Yorke Peninsula and head right down to the foot of the peninsula to Marion Bay. Once there we try out the Marion Bay Tavern.

Welcome to Marion Bay
Hello from Marion Bay

Marion Bay is a popular stopover for fisherman and surfers. This is due to some of the beaches providing great surfing conditions and long jetties stretching out into the Great Australian Bight.

The Marion Bay Jetty
The Marion Bay Jetty

As South Australian’s we have been to the Yorke Peninsula before, usually just rushing to the place we need to go. But this time we know, time isn’t an issue and take our time visiting some of the small towns along the way.

Ardrossan's coastline
The small town of Ardrossan’s coastline

We have a quick lunch at a local tuck shop in Ardrossan, and stop for coffee and hot donuts in Port Vincent before arriving at our final destination of Marion Bay.

Port Vincent foreshore
Having coffee and donuts at Port Vincent

As we haven’t booked anywhere to stay we locate the Marion Bay Caravan Park and pay for a non powered site for AUD$25. Now I must admit I’m not the best camper around, preferring 5-star camping in big fancy hotels. My wife is the camper in our family, so in the name of being a good sport we quickly erect our two man tent before heading into the town for a meal.

Marion Bay
I’m not a good camper, but I was able to erect the tent successfully.

The Marion Bay caravan park is a large spacious family park with playground equipment and an impressive kangaroo jumper (jumping pillow) for the children.

Marion Bay’s caravan park has a range of accommodation options with powered and non powered camping sites available. Don’t worry if you haven’t got a tent or caravan, because the park also has a variety of cabins available.

After my impressive display of erecting the tent (see above) and subsequent victory lap, we took a walk around the township to watch the sunset, take a stroll along the foreshore and find a place to have dinner.

Marion Bay Tavern
Welcome to the Marion Bay Tavern.

Making our way past the popular fishing jetty we find the Marion Bay Tavern and head in for a meal. Uniquely, it has a pizza shop at the front for takeaway pizzas with a more casual dining area and front bar if you prefer to dine in.

Marion Bay Tavern dining area
Casual dining area with friendly staff and locals

The tavern has a good sized menu with a variety of dishes available from their popular pizzas to your more traditional pub fare. The wine menu was also impressive with an excellent selection of South Australian and New Zealand wines.

We decided to have a serving of their crusty bread with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and Marion Bay’s local dukkah. The warm crusty bread was fresh and the Marion Bay dukkah was spicy and full of flavour. Unfortunately we ran out of bread and olive oil both before the dukkah was finished.

Marion Bay Dukkah
Beautiful warm crusty bread with Marion Bay Dukkah

Since we were in a fishing town we once again opted for a Seafood Basket. I mean unless you are allergic to shellfish, how can you resist fresh local seafood. The seafood was nicely cooked, but the scallops were tiny.

Seafood Basket Picture
Marion Bay Tavern’s Seafood Basket, unfortunately the scallops were tiny.

Finally our last food selection was a roasted field mushroom stuffed with baby spinach, caramelised onion and sweet potato. This was served with a dressed rocket and citrus salad. The dish was a perfectly constructed success, full of flavour and wonderfully cooked.

Marion Bay Tavern food picture
Roasted Field Mushrooms stuffed with spinach, served with a rocket and citrus salad.

For a country pub, the Marion Bay Tavern is a great place to have a meal. The friendly staff and local atmosphere is inviting, I could see myself spending the evening there and watching a band and getting to know the locals better.

Marion Bay Beach
Marion Bay Beach

Once dinner was over we took a leisurely stroll along the foreshore to the bluff (Penguin Point) to catch the spectacular sunset.

Sunset photo
A spectacular sunset from the bluff lookout at Marion Bay (click the photo for the full effect).

After watching the sun fade away, we headed back to the caravan park to settle in for an early night, ready for our early morning trip into the Innes National Park. Visit Josie Wanders for our experience in Innes National Park.

Additional Information Marion Bay Caravan Park

17 Willyama Drive, Marion Bay SA 5575
Ph: (08) 8854 4094
Website: www.marionbaycp.com.au

For other accommodation options on the Yorke Peninsula click here.

Additional Information Marion Bay Tavern

5 Stenhouse Bay Road, Marion Bay SA 5575
Ph: (08) 8854 4141
Website: www.marionbaytavern.com.au

Main Meal Price Range AUD$18.00 – $36.00

Marion Bay Tavern rating: 1-10 (1=very poor, 10 = excellent)

Decor =8
Atmosphere =8
Service =8
Price =8
Food =8

Overall = 8

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Pumped to be at the Aldgate Pump Hotel – Adelaide

If you head up the South Eastern Free-way away from Adelaide and exit at the Stirling off ramp, then drive another five minutes you will find the peaceful town of Aldgate. During the recent stage 2 of the Santos Tour Down Under, riders rode a lapped course around Stirling and Aldgate. This has been a popular stage as the hills locals are quick to embrace the spirit of the event. After meeting up with some friends we decided to eat at the nicely positioned Aldgate Pump Hotel.

The Main Street of Aldgate is a quiet yet picturesque place to visit

The Aldgate Pump Hotel is located in a prime position to watch the race. Riders fly through the roundabout at the front as they make their way around the course. This historic hotel has two stories and offers reasonable fare for its customers. With a sports bar at the front, a dining area at the back and a gaming room, its patrons have a choice of where they would like to spend their time.

Sports Bar
Aldgate Pump Hotel Sports Bar
Outdoor Drinking Area
Front outdoor drinking and dining area

Because it had been a while since seeing our friends we organised to have lunch with them to catch up on the good old days. The dining room is situated at the back of the hotel, which I found a bit dark and gloomy. There is a selection of seating options, from the comfortable booths, standard table settings or the al fresco dining area through the back doors. Since it was a bit breezy outside we took up a comfortable booth seat.

Dining Area
These booths are quite comfortable, even though the room is a bit gloomy
Al fresco dining area
The al fresco area would be my pick if the day was a little better.

The Aldgate Pump Hotel provides a seasonal menu on top of their standard and specials menus. Additionally, since they are a bar they also have a good range of drinks to accompany your meals. Our choices for the day were the, salt and pepper calamari, a chicken breast schnitzel with Diane sauce, the caramelised tomato, shallot and feta tart and finally the crumbed seafood platter.

The salt and pepper calamari was well cooked, not oily or dry and flavoured evenly.

Salt and Pepper Calamari
Salt and Pepper Calamari

Additionally, the chicken breast schnitzel is standard pub food and the Aldgate do a good one.

Chicken Breast Schnitzel
Chicken Breast Schnitzel

Furthermore, my seafood platter was also good. I did find that the Moreton bay bug parcels had a strong flavour, yet I still enjoyed them.

Seafood Platter
Seafood Platter

And possible the pick of the meals was the caramelised tomato, shallot and feta tart.

Caramelised Tomato, Shallot and Feta Tart
Caramelised Tomato, Shallot and Feta Tart

After a good afternoon, we found the Aldgate Pump Hotel to be quite cosy. The food is good without being exceptional, and the beer is cold. In addition, if you are around the Aldgate area, pop into the Aldgate Pump Hotel and tell them Simon from Ourworldinreview sent you!

Additional Information

1 Strathalbyn Road, Aldgate SA 5154
Ph: (08) 8339 2015
Website: www.aldgatepumphotel.com.au

Main Meal Price Range AUD$18.00 – $32.00

Trading Hours

Weekdays: 10am – 8pm
Saturdays: 9am – 8pm & Sundays 11am – 8pm

Book your accommodation around Aldgate here

Aldgate Pump Hotel rating: 1-10 (1=very poor, 10 = excellent)

Decor =7
Atmosphere =7
Service =7
Price =7
Food =7

Overall = 7

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Milano Cuccina, Adelaide – A taste of Italy

Another early morning saw us driving into the city, where we had to make a drop off to the central bus station. Since we left before breakfast, we made our way to the eastern side of the Adelaide city centre to have a hearty meal. With many fabulous choices available we opted for the family owned and run café restaurant called Milano Cuccina.

Milano Cuccina
Milano Cuccina interior

Milano Cuccina is located on the corner of Hutt Street and Wakefield Street on the bottom floor of the channel 10 building.  The cafe restaurant offers diners a traditional casual breakfast or an Italian influenced lunch and dinner service.

Upon entry into the establishment we were warmly greeted by one of the staff and offered multiple tables to sit at. We decided to sit at a comfortable looking booth and started by ordering some smooth creamy and delicious coffees.

Lattes at Milano Cuccina
Two Lattes and a Cappuccino

The waitresses were friendly and efficient and have some of the nicest Italian accents around. Not what you expect in little old Adelaide. Personally I liked their accents, because I could imagine myself sitting in a cafe in northern Italy ordering a meal from a local. The breakfast menu is fairly traditional with most of the dishes commonly found in most cafés around the city. I didn’t mind this because it was quite easy to come to a decision when choosing what to have.

We ordered the Milano Big Breakfast; the Eggs Benedict without ham for our vegetarian and some plain toast with that all important Vegemite.

Milano Cuccina
Milano Big Breakfast

My Milano Big Breakfast consisted of two poached eggs on a couple of pieces of toast, bacon rashers, a pork sausage, fried tomato, a field mushroom and wilted spinach, served with a hash brown. The serving was quite large and filling, with the majority of the dish nicely cooked.  My only concern was that the pork sausage was a little dry, a tad bit overcooked and I was unable to finish it.

Milano Cuccina Eggs Benedict
Eggs Benedict without ham, served with two hash browns
Milano Cuccina
Plain Toast with Vegemite

The Eggs Benedict arrived at the table and looked rather plain on the plate. Our resident vegetarian was still happy with the dish, but couldn’t complete the whole dish (she’s quite little, and not a big eater).  As for the toast, it is what you should expect. Simple, warm and easy to spread.

The interior of Milano Cuccina is quite comfortable. They have a couple of booths, a main seating area and al fresco dining for those perfect Adelaide days. The interior is colour coordinated and decorated nicely with photos and sport memorabilia hanging from the walls. They also show their support of upcoming Adelaide events with promotional material available near the front door.

Milano Cuccina
al fresco dining

Overall Milano Cuccina is a friendly everyday cafe restaurant. Their breakfast is quite common but good. The servicing staff is pleasant and the strong Italian accents are nice to listen too. They are also available in the Entertainment book for a dining discount. For the full Italian dining experience I recommend trying their Italian influenced menu for lunch and dinner. So when you’re in Adelaide pop into Milano Cuccina and tell them Simon from Ourworldinreview sent you!

Additional Information

80 Hutt Street, Adelaide SA 5000
Ph: (08) 8227 0961
Website: www.milanocuccina.com

Main Meal Price Range AUD$18.00 – $30.00

Trading Hours

Weekdays: 7am – 10pm
Weekends: 8am – 10pm

Milano Cuccina rating: 1-10 (1=very poor, 10 = excellent)

Decor =7
Atmosphere =7
Service =8
Price =8
Food =7

Overall = 7.5