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The Prominent Restaurant – Holiday Inn Brno

The city of Brno in the Czech Republic is full of surprises. A vibrant city centre with interesting stories, and a quirky sense of humour. A city we would have missed if it wasn’t for someone suggesting a visit. Since, we have an open itinerary, we decided, why not, we’re going to Prague anyway, why not do a four-day stopover in Brno. It was probably one of the best decisions we made so far during this adventure.

The Prominent Restaurant, Brno
The city centre of Brno with its Austria-Hungarian architecture

As you may have read in our last post, we stayed at the Holiday Inn Brno and had a glorious time, indulging in the comforts of this popular hotel.

Holiday Inn Brno
The front entry into the Holiday Inn Brno

After a long day of exploring, and taking photos of the city and its cheeky history, we thought we’d try the hotel’s restaurant. Now, as you can imagine we have eaten in a few places over our travelling adventures. We have been lucky enough to eat in places like Mikla in Istanbul and the immensely popular Gazi in Melbourne. Now, I can say I have eaten in the Prominent Restaurant in Brno.
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The Prominent Restaurant’s Head Chef, Josef Dufek has created an excellent menu for the guests of the Holiday Inn Brno to try. From traditional Czech food to some of his own creations. His team of chef’s and waiting staff work extremely hard to ensure that your experience in the restaurant is first class.

Head Chef of the Prominent Restaurant, Josef Dufek
Prominent Restaurant Head Chef, Josef Dufek. (Photo: Courtesy of Holiday Inn Brno)

Located on the ground floor of the hotel, the Prominent restaurant offers quality dining with an inviting indoor dining area, with comfortable seating or an outdoor dining experience enjoying the setting of the sun.

The Prominent Restaurant
The interior of the Prominent Restaurant
Outdoor dining area at the Holiday Inn Brno
One of the outdoor tables of the Prominent Restaurant at the Holiday Inn Brno

After some consideration of all the options available we decide to order the Beef Sauté Stroganoff and the traditional roasted wild boar saddle for our main meals. For dessert, we ordered the Crème brûlée with fresh vanilla and a traditional pear-apple strudel. We accompanied the meals with some delicious South Moravian  wines.

A white South Moravian wine
South Moravian wine served at the Prominent Restaurant

The Beef Sauté Stroganoff was served with a spicy sauce on a bed of basmati rice. The beef was tender and its rich spicy sauce encapsulated the essence of the Austro-Hungarian influence. It reminded me of first time I tried Beef Stroganoff when I was a young boy. The excitement of trying sometime new and exotic, and that wholehearted smile you get when you have tasted something good.

The Prominent Restaurant
Beef Stroganoff served with a spicy sauce on a bed of basmati rice.

The roasted wild boar saddle sitting in mushroom sauce with bolete pieces and two bacon-onion dumplings is highlighted as a Czech traditional meal. The beautifully constructed dish is one of the reasons I’d happily stay in the Czech Republic. An immense explosion of flavours, the rich mushroom sauce combined with the soft perfect pork saddle was incredible.  Then you have these bacon-onion dumplings that are perfectly held together. Dip them into the sauce and the succulent sauce oozes into the dumpling to produce what can only be described as pure delight. This dish would have to be one of the best I have encountered in a long while.

Wild boar saddle with mushrrom sauce and bacon-onion dumplings
Roasted wild boar saddle, mushroom sauce with boletes and bacon-onion dumplings

After the last morsel was consumed, our lovely waitress refilled our wine glasses and prepared the table for our desserts. The Crème brûlée with fresh vanilla had a nice thin hard layer of caramel covering the smooth vanilla custard and was topped with various seasonal berries and mint leaves. Another beautiful creation, it was gone within a blink of an eye.

The Prominent Restaurant
The Crème brûlée served with various berries.

Our second dessert was the pear-apple strudel with poppy-seed sauce. It was served with fresh vanilla ice-cream and marinated sour cherries. Another masterpiece, as the brown crispy, flaking pastry encasing the pear and apple pieces. The fresh vanilla ice cream had a nice consistency which you could clearly see the vanilla seeds. The sweetness of the pear, apple and ice cream worked well with the sour tartness of the cherries.

The Prominent Restaurant
Pear-Apple Strudel, served with vanilla ice cream and marinated sour cherries

Overall, the Prominent Restaurant is a must when in Brno. Even if you are not staying at the Holiday Inn Brno, make a reservation at the Prominent Restaurant. I would clearly have this as one of my top ten favourite places to eat. And, the bonus is, it comes at a reasonable price. The quality of the food being served is excellent, the waiting staff are professional and friendly and if you are staying at the hotel, you will find its service is also exceptional. So, book your table today and tell them Simon from Ourworldinreview sent you!

Attached to the Holiday Inn Brno, the Prominent Restaurant creates beautiful food.
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Additional Information for Prominent Restaurant – Holiday Inn Brno

Křížkovského 20, 603 00 Brno-střed, Czechia
Ph: +420 543 122 111
Website: www.hibrno.cz

Book your stay at the Holiday Inn Brno now via their website or with Booking.com

Prices of accommodation per night at the Holiday Inn Brno:

Ranging from  3744 czk (AUD$211)  5472 czk (AUD$309) 

The Brasserie Restaurant caters for breakfast daily

  • from 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. on weekdays
  • from 6:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at weekends and on holidays

Prominent Restaurant opening times:

Main Meal Prices range from  270 czk –  690 czk (AUD$15 – AUD$39)

Opening hours 12:00 – 23:00
Reservations by phone at: +420 543 122 002/4

Prominent Restaurant rating: 1-10 (1=very poor, 10 = excellent)

Decor =9
Atmosphere =9
Service =9
Price = 8
Food =10

Overall = 9

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Dining at La Grande Mamma, Krakow

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The old town in Krakow is always alive with tourists buzzing around taking in the history and sights. Krakow offers visitors many ways to discover this city, from Segway tours to horse and cart rides. Street stalls and boutique stores are happily selling their merchandise to happy shoppers. With the many restaurants offering a wide range of local and international cuisines.

Food vendors are everywhere throughout the city. You can try some traditional Polish cuisine, or visit a food stall in the main square barbecuing massive amounts of meat. There’s fast food franchises, if that takes your fancy, or the many fine dining choices supplying foods from around the world. With so many choices we select the Italian inspired La Grande Mamma.

With so many food options in Krakow. Try La Grande Mamma in the old town's main square
La Grande Mamma’s Al fresco seating, taken from the main square

Located on one of the corners of the main square, La Grande Mamma is an Italian inspired fine dining restaurant that offers decent quality food.  Upon entry into this old building you immediately enter the heart of the restaurant where all the action occurs. Here, there is a central preparation bench with one of the kitchen staff preparing assorted menu items.

La Grande Mamma
The preparation table in the font room of La Grande Mamma

Once greeted by the waiting staff, we are directed into one of the quieter side rooms and seated at a lovely table overlooking the square.

La Grande Mamma
One of the nicely decorated quieter rooms.

The restaurant has a decent range of wines available by the glass or bottle and their food menu is full of modern and traditional Italian cuisine. On this occasion, we selected a basic Margherita pizza, a Calzone farcito and their Filetto di maiale for our main meals. And followed that up with Creme brulee and a Meringa con mascarpone for dessert.

La Grande Mamma
The current menu at La Grande Mamma

The Margherita pizza was just a plain tomato puree on a thin base with cheese. It was approximately 30 cm in circumference, so quite large for one person, but I feel it was missing that fresh basil that garnishes most Margherita pizzas.

La Grande Mamma
La Grande Mamma’s basic Margherita Pizza. Unfortunately it was missing fresh basil.

Our Calzone farcito contained tomato puree, mozzarella cheese, ham, salami and champignon mushrooms, encased in a folded and sealed pizza base. When cracked open the heat and fragrances were wonderful. A well cooked dish, but rather plain-looking with a sprinkling of dry herbs.

La Grande Mamma
La Grande Mamma’s Calzone farcito. Well cooked, but it’s presentation needs some work!

The next plate was the Filetto di maiale, which is pistachio covered pork loin. It is served on a bed of potato puree, zucchini and red wine sauce. Beautifully cooked, the Filetto di maiale would be my pick of the dishes. Superbly balanced flavours but once again the presentation of the dish could be improved.

La Grande Mamma
A Filetto di maiale from La Grande Mamma

After the main meals were completed the efficient and friendly waiting staff cleared our plates and prepared the table for our upcoming desserts. The first dish to arrive was the Creme Brulee. Now, Creme Brulee’s would possibly be MacKenzie’s and my most favourite dessert, as we do tend to compare them against each other. When La Grande Mamma’s Creme Brulee arrived, we were quite excited to see how it stacked up against the ones we’ve had elsewhere.

La Grande Mamma
Does anyone want some Creme Brulee?

Although small in size the presentation of the Creme Brulee was better to that of the main meals. That was due to the contrasting colours used in the dish. The hard caramel cover was well done, but the actual custard base was a little grainy in texture, not that smooth consistence that is required. The flavour was okay, but not a show stopper.

La Grande Mamma
Meringa con mascarpone, we have a winner!

Our next dessert was the Meringa con mascarpone and from when the waitress placed the plate on our table, we knew we had a winner. The meringue, covered with mascarpone cream and fresh fruit was an instantaneous success. Nicely presented and delicious, it was hard not going back for more!

There are many places to eat in Krakow’s old town and the catchy named La Grande Mamma is situated in a part of the square that isn’t overrun by other tourists and street sellers. The interior is decorated well and the Italian cuisine has good flavour, but lacks the presentation. I do believe that we get the best out of a meal when they satisfy all our senses. La Grande Mamma, ticks most of those boxes, but the main meal presentation could use a little flair.

Overall, La Grande Mamma was a comfortable restaurant to attend, with a good honest food. The price is a little inflated, but all the restaurants are the same in the main tourist area of Old Town Krakow. Make sure you tip the waiting staff. Service charges are not included in the prices and it is expected if they’ve provided good service. Ten percent of the final cheque is the going rate, so if you are on a budget make sure you account for this extra expense. If you are in Krakow, visit La Grande Mamma tonight and tell them Simon from Ourworldinreview sent you!

Looking for a place to eat in old town Krakow? Then try La Grande Mamma in the main square for decent Italian food.
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Additional Information for La Grande Mamma

Rynek Główny 26, 33-332 Kraków, Poland
Ph: +48 12 430 64 58
Website: www.lagrandemamma.pl

Breakfast Prices Range 19.00 PLN – 68.00 PLN (AUD$6.60 – $23)

Trading Hours
  • Daily: 12 pm – 11 pm

Book accommodation in Krakow with Booking.com

Book a tour in Krakow through Urban Adventures

La Grande Mamma rating: 1-10 (1=very poor, 10 = excellent)

Decor =8
Atmosphere =8
Service =9
Price = 7
Food =8

Overall = 8

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Silk & Spice, Adelaide – Don’t judge a book by its cover!

Since childhood you would have heard the phase “Don’t judge a book by its cover” and nothing can be truer when describing The Silk & Spice Thai restaurant at Torrensville.

We recently attended this restaurant and I must admit from the outset I was a little wary about what we were getting ourselves into. The first impressions of the restaurant from the outside weren’t good. In fact we nearly missed it while driving past due to the exterior being quite dull. Silk & Spice is located in a re-purposed family home with two signs indicating it as a restaurant. Silk & Spice has approximately 16 off street car parks around the back of the restaurant; otherwise you may need to try finding a park on busy Henley Beach Road.

Once inside the restaurant you can’t help but be a little surprised at how nice the interior is. The owners have segregated the main rooms into small intimate dining areas, so noise from other guests is kept to a minimum.

Entry interior of Silk & Spice Thai Restaurant
Entry interior of Silk & Spice Thai Restaurant

The rooms are nicely furnished and have plenty of space to move around without having to bump into other restaurant guests.

Silk & Spice restaurant interior
Look at the space between these tables. No bumping into other customers here.

Upon entry we were immediately greeted by their friendly staff who quickly guided us to a corner table. The menu presented was quite large with all the usual Thai cuisine dishes available. Likewise the wine list was also well stocked with popular favourites, so finding that accompanying drink won’t be any trouble.

Dining areas at Silk & Spice
The rooms have been converted into small dining areas

We decided on our food selection and once the waitress arrived we ordered an entrée serve of Chicken Satay. For our main courses we ordered their chef suggested Lemon-grass Lamb and a Thai Crispy Chicken. We accompanied this with a serve of steamed rice to soak up those fragrant spicy flavours. Then for dessert we decided to try their Thai Sticky Rice with Banana and a Coconut Panna Cotta with mixed berries.

After some light conversation and photo taking our food arrived pretty quickly.  The chicken satay was the first dish presented and was covered in a thick layer of tasty peanut sauce. The chicken was nicely cooked providing a good appetiser.

Chicken Satay at the Silk & Spice
Look at all that peanut sauce covering that chicken satay

Our main dishes arrived soon after and the Thai Crispy Chicken was coated with a tangy and spicy sauce that was delicious and gave the dish a little chilli kick. The meal came with a refreshing papaya salad which assisted in quenching the palate.

Thai Crispy Chicken with a Papaya salad
Thai Crispy Chicken with a Papaya salad

The chef recommended Lemongrass lamb once again was nicely presented with well trimmed lamb slices. The meat was cooked nicely and covered in a spicy curry sauce with quite a lot of bite to it. As a suggestion, try ordering the medium heat dish if mouth burning spice is not your thing.

Lemongrass Lamb
Hot and spicy, Lemongrass Lamb

Once the mains were polished off we waited for our highly anticipated desserts. My Thai Sticky Rice with Banana came with a side serve of coconut ice cream. The texture and consistency of the rice was smooth, with a mixture of crushed banana. Their coconut ice cream was fantastic, a beautifully presented and delicious dessert.

Sticky rice with banana and Coconut ice cream
Sticky rice with banana and Coconut ice cream

Our Coconut Panna Cotta was served in a cocktail glass and topped with fresh berries. The sweet creaminess of the Panna Cotta was sensational and once finished, we definitely thought about ordering another.

Coconut Panna Cotta with mixed berries
Coconut Panna Cotta with mixed berries

Overall the Silk & Spice is an excellent place to eat, their location, outside exterior and advertising exposure needs a lot of work. As a customer, you could easily drive by this restaurant without knowing. Our recommendation is to stop and enjoy their good quality food. The serving staff is excellent, extremely friendly, and happy to have a quick chat with you. So give them a try and tell them Simon from Ourworldinreview sent you.

Additional information

211 Henley Beach Road, Torrensville SA 5031
Ph: (08) 8352 8888
Website: www.silkandspice.com.au

Main Meal Price Range AUD$12.90 – $27.90

Trading Hours

Lunch:   Wednesday – Friday 11:30am to 2:30pm                              Dinner:   Sunday, Tuesday – Thursday 5:30pm to 8:30pm (kitchen hrs) Friday – Saturday 5:30pm to 9:30pm (kitchen hrs)

Silk & Spice rating: 1-10 (1=very poor, 10 = excellent)

Decor =9
Atmosphere = 9
Service =9
Price = 9
Food =9

Overall = 9





Day trip to Hahndorf, South Australia and the Farm Shed

There are times in my life when I flash back to my childhood. I hear a phase like “Let’s go on a day trip” and I feel like I’m that little kid again, all excited to begin a new adventure for the day. So when the suggestion came that we head to Hahndorf for lunch at the Farm Shed, I was out the door and in the car waiting eagerly for everyone else.

The Historic Main Street of Hahndorf

Hahndorf is a popular historic German township about 28 kilometres from the Adelaide city centre in the spectacular Adelaide Hills. The township offers a variety of things to do for visiting tourists. It’s popular for its wineries, local stores like Udder Delights, the Hahndorf farm barn and Beerenberg store and Strawberry Farm. For some information about our trip to Hahndorf, visit Josie Wanders to find out why Hahndorf is considered a gem of a town.

Farm Shed
A wide range of local and international cheeses in Udder Delights

Whilst enjoying the sights and playing tourist for the day we headed into the Farm Shed for a quick meal and to get out of a sudden rainstorm.

The Farm Shed is one of Hahndorf’s premier wine bars and restaurants. It is found inside a heritage listed building on the main street that was once Australia’s first Lutheran school. The Farm Shed contains two table serviced sections, a quaint front bar roadside and a restaurant down the gravel driveway. Head Chef, Brad Perrott has created an interesting menu, with a selection of native and standard meat cuts for his customers.

The Farm Shed Wine Bar and Restaurant
The Farm Shed Wine Bar and Restaurant

This trip we opted to stay in the front bar area and settle in for a quality lunch. The wine bar area has rustic furnishings that suit the style of the restaurant. Since we were eating in the bar area we decided we’d try out their pizzas, all topped with good local, fresh produce. We choose two of the tempting signature pizza’s, The “Big” Smoke and the vegetarian version of the Mediterranean.

Front Bar of the Farm Shed
The Farm Shed offer a good range of beers, wines and ciders.
Farm Shed
Quaint Rustic Furnishings

The “Big” Smoke consisted of delicious smoked chicken, bacon, mushroom, caramelised onion and cheddar cheese on a perfect pastry base covered in BBQ sauce. It was probably one of the best restaurant made pizzas I’ve tried. The flavour and quality of the produce was second to none. A truly exceptional tasting pizza!

The "Big Smoke signature pizza
The “Big Smoke signature pizza

Our second pizza was the healthier vegetarian option Mediterranean, consisting of roast pumpkin, red onion, mushroom, roasted capsicum, baby spinach, cheddar cheese and crumbled feta. Once again a quality pizza with superb flavour combinations and fabulous local produce.

A Mediterranean Pizza
A Mediterranean Pizza

Hahndorf’s Farm shed offers it customers some excellent food, in the comfort of Australia’s first Lutheran school. Although the price of meals can become expensive, there is no doubt about the quality of the food served and the freshness of the produce. Hahndorf is definitely one of those not to miss towns in South Australia, so spend a couple of days there. Make sure you have a meal at the Farm Shed and tell them, Simon from Ourworldinreview sent you!

Additional information

64 Main Street, Hahndorf SA 5245
Ph: 0451978848 or 0433155988
Website: www.farmshedonline.com

Price Range AUD$9.00 – $75.00

Book Available Accommodation in Hahndorf

Opening Hours
Mon:          Closed
Tue:           Closed
Wed:          Closed
Thu:           11.30am to Close
Fri:             11.30am to Close
Sat:            11.30am to Close
Sun:           11.30am to Close
The Farm Shed rating: 1-10 (1=very poor, 10 = excellent)

Decor =9
Atmosphere = 9
Service =8
Price = 7
Food =10

Overall = 9

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Exploring Baudins Restaurant at McCracken, South Australia

After a busy day of having fun in Victor Harbor, you just want to have a nice relaxing meal. Maybe you’ve been exploring the local sights and enjoying that Fleurieu Peninsula hospitality. Hopefully you’ve jumped on the Cockle train to Goolwa or visited the educational South Australian Whale Centre. Now, you just want to rest have a good meal, a glass of wine and recap the days events. Well my advice is to make a night of it at Baudins Restaurant at the McCracken Country Club.

The Cockle Train
The Cockle Train from Victor Harbor to Goolwa

Baudins Restaurant is a part of the McCracken Country Club. The country club offers accommodation, an 18 hole golf course, bistro and Baudins Restaurant for a fine dining experience. To the left of the main entrance McCracken Country Clubs patrons enter a bar area which leads towards Baudins Restaurant. You are greeted at the main restaurant door by a waitress, and if your table is not ready you can make your way back to the bar for some pre dinner drinks.

Entry into the Baudin Restaurant
Entry into the Baudins Restaurant

The restaurant is in a large function room overlooking the picturesque golf course fairways. The tables are nicely spread out and consist of a mixture of booth tables and standard settings. Once our table was ready our waitress showed us to our booth table and we quickly settled in.

Baudin Restaurant dining area
Baudins Restaurant dining area

By comparison to other restaurants, the table was pretty bare. We didn’t have any place-settings, no cutlery, no side plates, just a stark table. It took about ten minutes before we were handed menus, which was not a good start. I could tell they were quite busy and with only two waitresses serving the room, you could see they were doing their best. It took about twenty minutes before we were served again to order food and some drinks and another 10 before the drinks arrived. Luckily the waitresses were friendly and we weren’t in any rush to leave.

The restaurants menu offers a good selection of meals created with locally sourced produce. We opted for the Chicken and Asparagus filled Filo pastry on a Napolitano base and the Twice cooked Pork Knuckle for our mains. For an entrée we chose a half a dozen Kilpatrick Oysters and for dessert we couldn’t resist trying the Eton Mess. Baudins restaurant also offers an excellent range of local wines to accompany your meal.

Kilpatrick Oysters
Some of the best Kilpatrick Oysters I’ve had in a long time

The meal started to arrive about twenty minutes after we ordered, which was a huge improvement from the initial service received. After eating the Kilpatrick Oysters all I can say is wow! The oysters were cooked to perfection and the balance of flavours was sensational. I must say these oysters were some of the best I’ve had. And do you know what, the food only got better from there.

Our mains arrived shortly after that and the chicken and asparagus filo was crispy, providing that crunch with every bite. The chicken and asparagus filling was not dry or over cooked. The filo encapsulating the moisture of the filling without it seeping through. Additionally ,that Napolitano puree added an extra smooth texture which enhanced a good meal.

Chicken and Asparagus Filo
Chicken and Asparagus FIlo on a bed of tomato puree

What can I say about the twice cooked pork knuckle except it was a good size and the crackling was…. Awesome! It was served with creamy mashed potato, some braised cabbage and a spicy plum and ginger sauce. Full of flavour but a little hard to cut, more because I just didn’t know where to start. Do you go, crackling, meat, crackling, meat or do you have the vegetables first. Once I’d made my choice it was delicious and extremely filling. The plum and ginger sauce combined with the pork was always going to be an absolute winner.

Twice cooked Pork Knuckle
Twice cooked Pork Knuckle. Where do you start?

With the main courses out of the way we patiently waited for our Eton Mess. Again we weren’t disappointed with the product placed in front of us. Unfortunately with no spoons available we had to wait while the staff searched for suitable spoons. It was a case of, do I need a spoon to eat this? I’m sure the other patrons would understand! It is Eton Mess! Although they returned with two different spoons it  didn’t matter, as the Eton Mess was fantastic. The folding of meringue with the smooth cream and raspberry coulis was tantalising on the palate. Baudins’ Eton Mess was a perfect way to finish off a quality meal.

Eton Mess
Eton Mess…Good luck stopping at one!
The Verdict

In my honest opinion Baudins Restaurant has a lot of potential to be an elite restaurant. I’d say the kitchen cohesion and food preparation must be excellent, because it reflects on the food that they produce and present to their customers. I cannot fault the food, the flavour, the menu options, they were all excellent. My main concern is the main room floor management needs a little improvement. The staff is friendly and helpful but the lack of room control, makes them look a little overwhelmed. A little thing like showing your customers to their tables with menus in hand gives the service some efficiency. Pre-setting tables so your customers aren’t waiting for cutlery, all reflect a well thought out service. With quality food on offer these minor front of house issues should be easily rectified.

When you are in Victor Harbor, I recommend making your way to Baudins Restaurant, their food is excellent and you must try their Eton Mess, over and over again. Have a great evening, drink some good local wines and tell them, Simon from Ourworldinreview sent you!

McCracken Country Club’s Baudins Restaurant additional information.

For Bookings, Baudins Restaurant is located at the McCracken Country Club, McCraken Drive, Victor Harbor.                                   Phone: 08 8551 0200

Book your McCraken Country Club Accomodation here

Baudins Restaurant is open for dinner service Tuesday – Saturday nights

Entrée Prices range from AUD$6.00 – $16.00                                         Main meals AUD$18.00 – $44.00                                                               Dessert prices AUD$9.90 – $16.90

Baudins Restaurant rating: 1-10 (1=very poor, 10 = excellent)

Decor =8
Atmosphere = 8
Service =6
Price = 8
Food =10

Overall = 8

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The Magic of Mikla Restaurant – Istanbul

Sometimes when you are travelling, it involves some sort of life celebration. Perhaps a honeymoon, a wedding anniversary or a special birthday – there are times when you just want to create a moment to remember. When that travel bug strikes and it incorporates a special date, we try to organise something special for the night. Here’s our review of Mikla Restaurant.

In April 2016 our travel took us travelling through Dubai, Turkey and Greece. We were scheduled to be in Istanbul on our wedding anniversary and Josie was able to secure a table for two at world-renowned celebrity chef, Mehmet Gürs’s stunning Mikla Restaurant.

Mehmet Gürs is partner and owner of 19 restaurants and cafes around the world. Mikla Restaurant would be one of the jewels in his culinary crown. The restaurant is located at the top of the Marmara Pera Hotel at Meşrutiyet Caddesi 15 34430, Beyoğlu, İstanbul and features stunning views and incredible food. Mikla is currently ranked number 56 in this year’s annual “World’s Best Restaurants list” which is truly a remarkable achievement for Mehmet and Mikla.

Upon entry onto the top floor of the Marmara Peru Hotel, you are welcomed with a large display case of all the beautiful wines Mikla has on offer. At the reservation desk you will be met by the restaurant’s Maitre d’. Once inside you are shown to their casual bar area and offered refreshments. From the balcony you are greeted by the stunning views of Istanbul until you are ready to be seated at one of their comfortable tables.

Mikla's views of Istanbul
Mikla’s views of Istanbul

Mikla Restaurant offers its customers a fixed three course al la carte menu for TL185 per person or around AUD$80. The three fixed courses have five or six dish selections per course so you can mould your meal to your liking. The other menu option available to you is Mikla’s impressive seven course tasting plate for TL265pp (AUD$120). Adding in the six matching wines will bring it to TL430pp (AUD$190). As this was a special occasion and we knew we may never get the chance again we opted for the seven courses with six matching wines.





As expected in a quality fine dining establishment the waiting staff were excellent. They were very attentive to our needs and knowledgeable of the food and wines they were serving. Unbeknown to us the seven course, six wine tasting menu ended up being eleven courses and seven wines due to exceptional Turkish hospitality and an innocent fish bone remark.

During the superbly cooked fish dish below, I happened upon a small bone, put it to the side of the plate and continued enjoying the wonderful treat. When the waiter came back to clear our plates he asked if the meal was okay. I told him it was the best fish dish I had ever had, and with that Aussie joking spirit casually mentioned the small bone. The waiter immediately apologised, cleared the plates and returned to the kitchen. Not thinking much about it, we continued to enjoy ourselves. Suddenly the waiter was out to the table, he apologised again on behalf of the chef and proceeded to give us an extra course and glass of wine. All that because of a tiny little bone. We weren’t asking or expecting anything extra, so we were surprised. Of course we respectfully accepted the extra course and wine.



Although the meals weren’t large they were beautifully constructed and very filing. By the time we got to the last plate, we were feeling full, warm and a little tingly inside. Especially with all that wine being consumed. Surprisingly, if you happen to finish your glass of wine before the next course Mikla’s waiters will offer to once again fill your glass with the current wine you are drinking.




Overall Mikla is a stunning restaurant producing excellent quality food, which we can’t recommend any more highly. Value of money is excellent, even if the cost seems high. Mikla sets no time limit on how long you can take to consume your meals, so just settle in and take your time. Enjoy the experience, the food and wine and make sure you take some photos of the stunning view on offer of Istanbul. Learn and gain some knowledge of food and wine from your waiting staff, and you shouldn’t be disappointed.

Make sure you plan your travel in Istanbul so that you get to Mikla Restaurant. We were staying just off of Istiklal Caddesi so we were able to walk to and from the restaurant.  So visit their website, make a reservation today and don’t forget to tell them Simon from Ourworldinreview sent you!

Rating: 1-10 (1=very poor, 10 = excellent)
  • Decor = 10
  • Atmosphere = 10
  • Service = 10
  • Price = 10
  • Food =10

Overall = 10