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It was touch and go if we would make it to Krakow after leaving our accommodation in Berlin. Our original plan was to take a train from Berlin to Krakow, but due to some unexpected line repairs we had to quickly purchase some flights instead. Once at the check in counter at the airport we were told the flight had been overbooked and we were now on the standby list. Oh No! Read about what happened to us on Josie Wanders.

When we finally made it to Krakow, we checked into our AirBNB apartment, and got organised for our stay. The next bright and early morning we made our way into the old town to explore the sights. Over the years, we’ve always said to the girls that we should do a Segway tour and as we walked into the old town there were Segway’s everywhere! So, we decided, today was the day. At the local Segway Tour office, we had a look at the available tour options and ended up selecting the Krakow Old Tour Segway Tour.

Segway Tours Poland
The impressive Slowacki Theatre

The Old Town tour costs 160 PLN (approximately AUD$55) per person. The only issue was that the Segway tour office only accepts cash, so we had to detour to the nearest ATM. Luckily, there is an ATM machine across the road from the office, if you don’t happen to be carrying that much cash around with you.

Once the payment was made our English-speaking guide Alex, taught us how to ride the Segways. Now, let me be honest here! The first time you hop onto a Segway, it feels a little weird. Unnatural. It’s all about balance and your centre of gravity. By adjusting your centre of gravity forward and you move forward. Lean back on your segway and you will either slow down if moving forward our start to go backwards if stopped. To turn, you move the handlebar to the left or right, unlike a bicycle which you turn the handlebars. Once you get used to it and lose that awkwardness, it is probably one of the most fun things you can do.

Krakow Segway Tour
The girls listening to Alex talking about Krakow’s Old Town

After everyone was feeling comfortable and we were off on our 90 -minute tour of the old town. Our guide Alex, is a friendly likeable guide who ensured that we were looked after and fully in control of our Segways through Planty Park and the various traffic crossings.

Krakow Segway Tour
Sculpture of Krakow painter Jan Matejko in Planty Park

The tour took us through the Main Square, St Mary’s Church, Wawel Castle and much more. Taking his time to explain the history and importance of each site. Once all the touring was over he then took us to a large square, and let us have some individual fun on the Segways, weaving in and out of the concrete fixtures and making those Segways dance.

Krakow Segway Tour
The square where we had a free ride around on the segways.

Overall the Segway Tour, would have to be one of the best ways to explore Krakow. They are incredibly fun!  I would recommend on milder days that you take some gloves, as your hands do get cold. Our tour lasted a little over 90 minutes and the information and guidance provided by Alex was excellent. Krakow Segway Tour’s have five tours available or if you just want to take one for a ride they have 15 – 90 minute rental plans. So, when in Krakow take a Segway tour and tell them Simon from Ourworldinreview sent you!

Looking for a fun tour to around Krakow? Then make sure you do a 90 minute Segway Tour
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  • Segway Tours start from 80PLN – 300PLN
  • Segway Rental start from 50PLN – 150PLN

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