Our world is an amazing place, so go out there and enjoy it!  If you are like us, and try to experience as much as you can into your short lives, then this is the website for you. Ourworldinreview is a website aimed at giving you the reader, the knowledge of our experiences to ensure that you get the best out of your holiday. That you pick the best restaurant for that special occasion or stay in the best accommodation and know about all the popular attractions available for you to go to.

My name is Simon Thomas, and I will be hosting you on this wonderful journey. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to experience many events throughout my life and have been able to travel to many countries. The one thing that always occurs once you get back from long trips or fun activities, is the comments from friends, about what were your favourite things to do, or what do you recommend us doing if we go there. That is what has led me to develop this website for you, my readers.

I must admit, life has been pretty good to me, I have worked at the same place in Adelaide, South Australia for nearly 25 years, I am a family man with a beautiful wife, Josie and two wonderful daughters Bailey and MacKenzie, who all love to travel, go out regularly as inexpensively as we can, and on the odd occasion do a bit of shopping . As mentioned above, we live in the peaceful, relaxing city of Adelaide, where we are surrounded by many popular wineries, spoiled by a great selection of restaurants and bars, and attend the many festivals that Adelaide has to offer.

We love to travel, and in April 2017, we will be traveling for a year around the world, visiting Europe, the Middle East and Asia. During that time, I will be reviewing as many places as I can. When you head off on your travels, you can have an idea of what is out there to experience decide if it is worth your time attending or giving it a miss.

So I hope you enjoy the reviews, and it inspires you to get out there and experience all that you can. If you would like me to review your establishment, please contact me on our contacts page.

So have fun traveling, indulge in good food and enjoy yourselves, and if you decide to take my advice and visit one of the places I’ve reviewed, tell them Simon from OurWorldinReview.com sent you!

Our world is an amazing place, so go out there and enjoy it!